ABH - Anywhere But Here. Game the scoobies played. Imagine your perfect date, in the perfect setting.
An ABH fic puts YOU in the lead roll of the fic...generally getting smoochies from your favorite character.

AU - Alternate Universe - generally a "what if" sort of fic. ie: What if...Jenny Calendar were still alive?

Beta - A proofreader who checks over a writers fic for spelling, grammar, flow, plot errors, etc...
Some help with various other languages.

Crossover - Characters from different shows appearing together in a fic - ie: BtVS/AtS or BtVS/X-Files etc...

Canon - That which is considered normal in the show. That which has been set in stone by Master Joss.

Feedback - Emailing the author of a fic to let them know what you thought of it.
*I cannot express what a wonderful thing this is to authors! Please! If you liked a story, let the author know!

Fic - Short for Fanfiction.

Flame - Sending negative feedback to an author.
*Some authors will accept Flames as long as it's constructive critisism & not simply sent to be cruel.

Fluff - Generally short, happy fic that can often be silly or overly romantic...generally without plot.

Gary Lou - Original (male) character the author has created. Tends to be overly brilliant and rather perfect.

Gen - General - No pairings - usually just a story about the gang, with little or no romance and/or sex.

Het - Heterosexual - Opposite sex pairings -
m/f (male/female)
f/m (female/male)

Mary Sue - Original (female) character the author has created. Tends to be overly brilliant and rather perfect.

OC - Original character the author has created -
OFC = Original Female Character
OMC = Original Male Character

PWP - "Porn Without Plot" or "Plot? What Plot?"

POV - "Point of View"

Scat - Sexual fetish involving feces.
(Scat fic is not allowed on this site)

Ship or Shipper - Short for relationshipper - story about, or somebody who supports a relationship between two characters

SLASH - Homosexual - Same sex pairings -
m/m (male/male)
f/f (female/female)

Snuff - Sexual fetish involving the purposeful & cruel murder of humans or animals.
(Snuff fic is not allowed on this site)

Spoilers - Fic contains plot elements or scenes from a TV show episode or movie that some readers may not have seen.

UC - Unconventional - ie: Unconventional ship - a pairing that you would not normally see on the show itself

WIP - Work in Progress - refers to an unfinished story


Ah the Times they are a'chagin' here for the Ratings rundown.

(for this site)

ABH - Giles/You

G/Angl - Giles/Angel

G/Anya - Giles/Anya

G/B - Giles/Buffy

G/E - Giles/Ethan

G/F - Giles/Faith

G/Jnny - Giles/Jenny

G/Jyc - Giles/Joyce

G/Olv - Giles/Olivia

G/Oz - Giles/Oz

G/OC - Giles/Original Character

G/Other - Giles/Other

G/S - Giles/Spike

G/W - Giles/Willow

G/Wes - Giles/Wesley

G/X - Giles/Xander

G/? - Giles/Not stated in the story

G/?! - Giles/Surprise - author wants to surprise you with the pairing

Rip/ - Ripper/Whoever applies as above

Non-Ship or Gen - General fic. No Giles paring, or that which would be canon.