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I hope this listing will help you in your fan fiction. I decided to compile it when I spent several hours trying to find the spelling of Glorificus and finally had to ask for help on the Yahell lists. I really appreciated all the replies that I got, but realized if there was a listing of major characters, recurring characters, demons, relics, spells and any other pertinent information it would save others time.

This glossary is a listing of characters, demons, relics, spells, places, etc found on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have tried to find all the more relevant information used by fan fiction writers. This list was complied by consulting the Buffy the Vampire Episode Guide, Psyche Transcripts and tapes of the actual episodes. If I have left something out that you feel should be listed, please let me know and I will add it when I add the 7th season information. This listing is complete for the first 6 seasons.

In each listing there are four parts. First in bold is the name of the character, demon, relic, spell, place, etc. Next is the name of the episode in which the item or person was first seen/mentioned. Next is the season in which the episode was seen, S1 for season 1, etc. Last is a short description of the item/person.



(*) Term added by website staff member

214 Stevenson Hall - The Freshman - S4 - Buffy and Willow’s dorm room

314 - A New Man - S4 - A secure room in the Initiative where, a secret experiment is taking place.

1630 Revello Drive - Angel - S1 - Buffy’s home address

Abrams, Parker - Living Conditions - S4 - College student who romances Buffy and takes advantage of her.

Acathla - Becoming 1 & 2 - S2 - Demon who was held in stasis by a sword, which was removed by Angelus. By removing the sword, Angelus opened a vortex, which would have sucked up the entire world if Buffy had not closed the vortex by stabbing him.

Adam - The I in Team - S4 - Human/Demon construct created by Professor Walsh, the secret in room 314.

African Demon - Villains - S6 - Demon Spike asks to give him his soul back.

Alkanet Root - Normal Again - S6 - Herb Willow uses to nullify the poison of the Glarghk Gulh Kashma’nik. (Real herb used for purification and prosperity.)

Amilyn - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the movie - Minion of Lothos

Andrew - Flooded - S6 - Third of the trio of Villains who try to take over Sunnydale. He seems to have the hots for Warren.

Angel - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - 240-year-old vampire with a soul, who comes to Sunnydale to help Slayer.

Dr. Angleman - The I in Team - S4 - Assistant to Professor Walsh who helps her with Adam

The Anointed One - Never Kill A Boy On The First Date - S1 - Vampire who prophecy says will help defeat the Slayer.

Anyanka/Anya - The Wish - S3 - Vengeance Demon who grants a wish for Cordelia that Buffy never came to Sunnydale. She later becomes human and begins to date Xander.

Anywhere but Here - The Dark Age - S2 - Game played by Scooby gang.

April - I Was Made to Love You - S5 - Robot built by Warren Meers to be his girlfriend.

April Fools - Choices - S3 - Clothing store where Cordelia works

Ascension - Graduation Day 1 & 2 - S3 - Ritual, which transforms a person into a pure form of demon, an extremely large demon.

Aspect of the Demon - Earshot - S3 - While fighting two mouthless demons, Buffy kills one and absorbs some of it’s blood, taking on an aspect of the demon, hearing other’s thoughts.

Augmentation Demon - Superstar - S4 - Demon created by the Augmentation Spell that is the opposite of Jonathan, a paragon of evil

Augmentation Spell - Superstar - S4 - Spell cast by Jonathan to become a paragon of good

Balthazar - Bad Girls - S3 - Demon worshipped by a cult called El Eliminati, who must recover his amulet to regain his ultimate power.

Bay City Rollers - The Dark Age - S2 - Scottish Bubblegum Teen Pop group Giles mentions.

Ben - Out of my Mind - S5 - Intern at Sunnydale General Hospital, Glory’s alter-ego

Bezoar - Bad Eggs - S2 - A demon, whose young hatch from eggs then attach to a host body taking over the motor functions of the host.

Black Frost Beer - Bad Beer - S4 - Beer spiked by the bar owner which causes the students who drink it to be come Neanderthals.

Blind Katra - Family - S5 - Goddess/demon (?) Tara calls upon to hide her demon half.

Bloodstone Vengeance Spell - The Witch - S1 - Spell - Catherine Madison casts this spell on Buffy to get her off the cheerleading squad so she can be on it.

Mr. Bogerty - Real Me - S5 - Owned the Magic Box before Giles, he is found murdered by the Scooby Gang

Book of Tarnis - Blood Ties - S5 - Book from the Council with information about Glorificus and the Key.

Books of Ascension - Enemies - S3 - Series of books that gives details of previous Ascensions.

Box of Gavrock - Choices - S3 - Box holding spider-like creatures that the Mayor needs for the Ascension.

Breaker’s Woods - Lover’s Walk - S3 - Wooded area near Sunnydale where Giles goes for a druidic ritual and retreat.

The Brekenkrieg Grimore - Dead Things - S6 - Magical text Tara has when she sees Willow at the Magic Box.

The Bronze - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Local hangout

Brotherhood of Seven Demons - The Puppet Show - S1 - Seven demons who can maintain a human appearance by taking a human heart and brain every seven years.

Buffybot - Intervention - S5 - Robot Warren builds for Spike to his specifications, a sexbot.

Stewart Burns - Hell’s Bells - S6 - Demon and former victim of Anyanka’s powers who shows Xander a false future to stop him from marrying Anya.

Gib Cain - Phases - S2 - Werewolf hunter who comes to Sunnydale

Jenny Calendar - I Robot - You Jane - S1 - Computer sciences teacher at Sunnydale High. She is Giles’ girlfriend and a techopagan.

Catherine the Great - The Witch - S1 - Catherine Madison, Amy’s mother, who is a witch

Cerebral Dampener - Dead Things - S6 - Magickal artifact made by Jonathan and used by Warren to make Katrina his sex slave.

The Cheese Man - Restless - S4 - Man who appears in all of their dreams during this episode

The Chip - The Initiative - S4 - Computer chip implanted in Spike’s brain rendering him incapable of harming a human without severe pain.

Chumash - Pangs - S4 - Native American tribe, whose spirits are released and seek revenge for how they were treated.

Citroen - The Witch - S1 - Giles car.

Class Protector - The Prom - S3 - Award given to Buffy by her class

Santa Claus - The Body - S5 - Demon who disembowels children

Clem - Life Serial - S6 - Friend of Spike who plays kitten poker.

The Codex - Out of Sight, Out of Mind - S1 - Book of Slayer prophecy.

Commandos - The Initiative - S4 - Members of the Initiative on patrol

Cordelia Chase - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Rich bitch that gives Buffy and the Scooby gang a hard time. Later she becomes Xander’s girlfriend. After her family looses their wealth, she follows Angel to LA to become an actress.

Crossbow - Angel - S1 - A weapon of the Slayer.

Cousin Carol and Karen - Hell’s Bells - S6 - Xander’s cousin and her daughter

Coven of Devonshire - Grave - S6 - Coven, which imbues Giles with their powers to try and stop Dark Willow.

Crawford Street - I Only Have Eyes For You - S2 - Street where the Mansion, that Angel, Drusilla and Spike move into after the Factory burns down, is located

Cruciamentum - Helpless - S3 - The test that Slayers are put through on their 18th birthday. The Slayer’s strength is taken from her by a series of injections, which are secretly given by her watcher, and then she must defeat a vampire using only her intelligence.

Cursed Candy - Band Candy - S3 - Candy bars cursed by Ethan Rayne causing adults to act as if they were 16.

Dagon Sphere - No Place Like Home - S5 - Glowing Orb Buffy finds at the warehouse where she later finds the monk.

Dalton - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - Minion of Spike who translates ritual to cure Drusilla.

Darla - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Minion of the Master and Angel’s sire.

De-lusting Spell - Lovers Walk - S3 - Spell Willow attempts to cast to end the lust between herself and Xander

De-ratting Spell - Smashed - S6 - Spell Willow uses to finally change Amy back to a human.

Demon Overseers - Anne - S3 - Demons who prey on street kids in LA.

Devon - Halloween - S2 - Lead singer of Dingoes Ate My Baby

D’Hoffryn - Doppelgangland - S3 - Demon that gave Anyanka her vengeance powers.

Diana - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - S2 - Roman moon goddess

Disc - Entropy - S6 - Disc used in spell cast by Jonathan to reveal the location of the Orbs of Nezzla’khan

Doc - Forever - S5 - Demon who is very knowledgeable in the occult

The Doctor - As You Were - S6 - Code name for black market dealer who has the Suvolte demon’s eggs (Spike)

DoubleMeat Palace - DoubleMeat Palace - S6 - Fast food joint where Buffy gets a job

Dracula - Buffy vs. Dracula - S5 - Renowned Vampire comes to Sunnydale especially to meet the Slayer. Dracula means ‘son of the Devil’.

Dracubabes - Buffy vs. Dracula - S5 - Another name for The Three Sisters.

Dreg - Shadow - S5 - Minion of Glory

Drusilla - School Bad - S2 - Insane vampire who came to Sunnydale with Spike. She and Spike have been lovers for over 100 years. She is a seer. Angel, when he was Angelus drove Drusilla mad before turning her into a vampire.

Duchess of Buffonia - Halloween - S2 - Name Xander calls Buffy when he sees her dressed in the gown she got from Ethan’s.

Earth Monsters - Grave - S6 - Demons Willow sends to fight Buffy and Dawn.

El Eliminati - Bad Girls - S3 - a 15th century duelist cult that worships the demon Balthazar.

Enjoining Spell - Primeval - S4 - Spell used to join Giles’ intelligence, Willow’s magick and Xander’s ‘heart’ to Buffy to defeat Adam. The spell is chanted in Sumerian.

Enjos - Surprise - S2 - Jenny Calendar’s Uncle

Espresso Pump - Superstar - S4 - Coffee shop in Sunnydale

Faith - Faith, Hope, and Trick - S3 - New Slayer who came to Sunnydale after her Watcher was killed by Kakistos.

Miss Kitty Fantastico - The Yoko Factor - S4 - Kitten adopted by Tara and Willow

Allen Finch - Bad Girls - S3 - Deputy Mayor of Sunnydale, killed by accident by Faith.

Riley Finn - The Freshman - S4 - TA for Professor Maggie Walsh, later he dates Buffy. Member of the Initiative

Sam Finn - As You Were - S6 - Riley’s wife, doctor, has joined Riley’s outfit to fight demons

Fireball Spell - Grave - S6 - Spell Willow casts sending a fireball to find and kill Jonathan and Andrew,

The First Evil - Amends - S3 - Spirit being who has no body and can’t be killed. The Harbringers are its’ High Priests.

The First Slayer - Restless - S4 - The Sprit of the First Slayer is in each of their dreams in this episode trying to kill them.

Principal Bob Flutie - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Principal of Sunnydale High when Buffy transfers.

Forget Spell - All The Way - S6 - Spell Willow uses on Tara to make her forget an argument they were having. Lethe’s Bramble is the herb Willow uses for the spell, an herb for augmenting spells dealing with forgetting and mind control.

Freeze Ray Gun - Smashed - S6 - Weapon developed by Warren, Jonathan and Andrew, which freeze people.

Natalie French - Teacher’s Pet - S1 - Substitute science teacher who Xander has a crush on. She is actually a She-Mantis.

Fyarl Demon - A New Man - S4 - Type of demon Ethan turns Giles into

Gachnar - Fear, Itself - S4 - A fear demon who feeds of peoples’ fears

The Gallery - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Art Gallery owned and operated by Joyce Summers.

Forrest Gates - The Initiative - S4 - Friend of Riley, member of the Initiative

The Gem of Amara - The Harsh Light of Day - S4 - Ring which give Vampires immunity from being killed in any way. (i.e. Sunlight, stakes, etc.)

The Gentlemen - Hush - S4 - Demons who steal everyone’s voice in Sunnydale and must harvest seven hearts before they leave.

Ghora - Forever - S5 - Demon whose eggs are used in some resurrection spells. It has three heads and lays it’s eggs in a nest.

Randy Giles - Tabula Rasa - S6 - Name Spike uses when he loses his memory. He thinks he’s Giles’ son.

Rupert Giles - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - The Watcher. An Englishman, who moves to Sunnydale to become the librarian at the Sunnydale High School Library, he trains the Slayer and researches the demons and mystical occurrences she must face.

Gina - DoubleMeat Palace - S6 - Employee at DoubleMeat Palace

Glarghk Gulh Kashma’nik - Normal Again - S6 - Demon the Nerd Herd has attack Buffy to inject her with a poison, which alters reality, making Buffy think that she is in an institution.

Glorificus - No Place Like Home - S5 - Hell God who needs the Key to return to her home hell dimension. Ben’s alter ego. Also called Glory and The Beast.

Glove of Mynhegon - Revelations - S3 - A glove which once put on can never be removed which gives it’s wearer tremendous destructive power.

Lyle and Tector Gorch - Bad Eggs - S2 - Vampire brothers who want to kill the Slayer

Gregor - Spiral - S5 - General of the Knights of Byzantium

Gronx - Spiral - S5 - Minion of Glory

Gypsy Curse - AngelS1 –Gypsy ritual, which returned Angel’s soul to him.

Gypsy Soul Restoration Spell - Becoming 1 & 2 - S2 - Spell found and translated by Jenny Calendar and used by Willow to restore Angel’s soul

Halfrek - DoubleMeat Palace - S6 - Vengeance Demon friend of Anya’s who grants vengenence wishes for children

Hansel and Gretel Demon - Gingerbread - S3 - Demon who appears as two children and convinces people to kill those suspected of hurting the children it appears to be. This demon thrives on watching humans destroy each other.

The Harbringers - Amends - S3 – Demon High Priests who worship the First Evil and do its’ bidding. They have the power to conjure spirit manifestations.

Xander Harris - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Friend of Willow and an original member of the Scooby Gang.

The Harvest - The Harvest - S1 - Ritual - Enables the Master, to draw power from a chosen minion, called the Vessel, as he feeds, to free himself. This ritual can take place only once every hundred years.

Hecate - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - S2 - Greek goddess some consider the patron goddess of witchcraft.

Hell Hounds - The Prom - S3 - Demons trained by Tucker, a Sunnydale student to attack people in formal attire.

Hellions - Bargaining 1 & 2 - S6 - Demon motorcycle gang that ravages Sunnydale

Hellmouth - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - A “center of mystical energies” which draws demons to it.

Hemery - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the movie - School Buffy attended in L. A.

Phillip Henry - The Dark Age - S2 - Man who was in the group with Giles when they raised Eyghon. This was when Giles was known as ‘Ripper’.

Herbert - The Pack - S1 - Mascot for the Sunnydale Razorback, a piglet who is later eaten by students who have been possessed by hyenas. Xander is one of the students possessed.

Hitchhiker - After Life - S6 - A way entities can travel by attaching themselves to someone moving from one dimension to another

Holy Water - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Traditional weapon used against vampires

Scott Hope - Faith, Hope and Trick - S3 - Sunnydale student who tries to date Buffy.

Horned Demon - Enemies - S3 - Demon who offers to sell the Books of Ascension to Faith and Buffy for $5,000.

Hostile 17 - The Initiative - S4 - Designation given to Spike by the Initiative

Hymen - Hell’s Bells - S6 - God of Matrimony according to D’Hoffryn

Incantation to Proserpexa - Grave - S6 - Incantation Willow chants to funnel the earth’s energies through the effigy of Proserpexa to destroy the world.

Inhibitor - Life Serial - S6 - Microchip planted on Buffy by Warren, which causes Buffy to experience time alterations

The Initiative - The Initiative - S4 - Secret government facility for demon research headed by Professor Maggie Walsh.

Invisibility Ray - Gone - S6 - Ray built by Warren, Jonathan and Andrew with the diamond they stole, which make things invisible.

Janus Ritual - Halloween - S2 - Chaos ritual to the Roman God, Janus, Ethan Rayne performs to cause the people who bought Halloween costumes from his shop to become their costumes.

Jessie - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Friend of Willow and Xander who is turned into a vampire. Xander later has to stake him.

Jinx - Checkpoint - S5 - Minion of Glory

Joan - Tabula Rasa - S6 - Name Buffy gives herself when she loses her memory.

Jonathan - Bad Eggs - S2 - Student at Sunnydale High, later a member evil trio in Season 6

The Judge - Surprise - S2 - Demon who was dismembered because he could not be killed. He burns the humanity out of anyone he touches, killing humans. He can be killed by no “weapon forged by man”.

Justin - All The Way - S6 - Friend of Dawn who is turned into a vampire. He is the first boy she kisses (he is a vampire by that time)

Kakistos - Faith, Hope, and Trick - S3 - Ancient vampire with cloven hands who killed Faith’s first Watcher. Name means ‘worst of the worst.

Kathy - The Freshman - S4 - Buffy’s roommate at UC Sunnydale

Harmony Kendall - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Friend of Cordelia who is later turned into a vampire and becomes Spike’s girlfriend.

Kendra - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - Second Slayer called during the brief time that Buffy was ‘dead’.

Kevin - The Body - S5 - School friend of Dawn

The Key - No Place Like Home - S5 - A mystical energy portal that opens The Door, protected by the Monks for centuries from the Beast. The Key was made human by the monks to hide it, Dawn Summers.

Killer of the Dead - Graduation Day 1 & 2 - S3 - Poison, which kills vampires, the only cure is the blood of a Slayer.

Kindestod - Killed by Death - S2 - A demon that only children can see. He sits on the children while drawing their life force from their body.

Kingman’s Bluff - Grave - S6 - Location of Satanic Temple dedicated to Proserpexa, whose followers wanted to destroy the world.

Kirsty - The Body - S5 - School friend of Dawn

Kitten Poker - Life Serial - S6 - Version of poker played for kittens. Spike introduces Buffy to the game.

The Knights of Byzantium - Checkpoint - S5 - Order of Knights whose mission is to spot Glory at all costs. This mission includes destroying The Key and it’s protector.

Kokopelli - Gone - S6 - American Indian God, Buffy calls him a fertility god, but in actuality he is a god of mischief and healing.

Zachary Kralic - Helpless - S3 - Insane vampire, who Buffy must defeat in the Cruciamentum.

Krelvin - Hell’s Bells - S6 - Demon friend of Anya’s invited to wedding

Du Lac Cross - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - Artifact made by Josephus du Lac, used to decipher his works.

Josephus du Lac - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - Mathematician and theologian who wrote a book of evil spells, one of which was to restore a sick vampire to health.

Lagos - Revelations - S3 - Demon in Sunnydale looking for the Glove of Mynhegon.

Larconis - Band Candy - S3 - A sewer dwelling demon that demands a tribute every thirty years of newborn babies.

Larry - Phases - S2 - Sunnydale Student

Lei-Ach - Family - S5 - Demons who kill by sucking out the victims’ bone marrow.

Lethe’s Bramble - Once More With Feeling - S6 - Musical episode - Herb used to augment spells dealing with forgetting and mind control.

Living Flame - Revelations - S3 - Conjured flame, which is the only thing that can destroy the Glove of Mynhegon.

Location of Murderer Spell - Villains - S6 - Spell Willow casts to locate Warren after Tara’s murder.

Lorraine - DoubleMeat Palace - S6 - Manager after Manny is killed by demon Wig Lady

Lowell House - The Initiative - S4 - House, where Riley and the rest of the Initiative lives, secret entrance to the Initiative

Luke - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Minion of the Master. The Master uses him as the Vessel when he tries to escape his dimensional prison.

Machida - Reptile Boy - S2 - A reptilian demon who gives wealth and power to the members of a fraternity for yearly offerings of young girls.

Mr. Maclay - Family - S5 - Tara’s father

Tara Maclay - Hush - S4 - Wiccan who becomes Willow’s lover.

Amy Madison - The Witch - S1 - Student at Sunnydale High whose mother takes over her body to become a cheerleader at Sunnydale High.

The Magic Box - Real Me - S5 - Magic shop that Giles buys after the former owner is murdered.

Manny - DoubleMeat Palace - S6 - Manager of the DoubleMeat Palace

Mark of Eyghon - the Dark Age - S2 - Tattoo worn by those who summon Eyghon, an Etruscan demon who possesses an unconscious or dead host to live. If the possession is not undone, Eyghon is ‘born from within the host’ and the possession becomes permanent

The Masai of the Serengeti - The Pack - S1 - A nomadic East African Tribe, whose culture is centered on animals

The Master - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - An ancient vampire held prisoner by a dimensional vortex at the opening of the Hellmouth.

The Mayor’s Gift - This Year’s Girl - S4 - Artifact/gizmo left to Faith by Mayor Wilkins, that she uses to change bodies with Buffy.

Colonel McNamara - New Moon Rising - S4 - Leader of the Initiative after Professor Walsh’s death.

Warren Meers - I Was Made to Love You - S5 - Genius who builds a robot to be his girl friend.

Merrick Jamison-Smythe - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the movie - Buffy’s first Watcher, he is killed by the master vampire, Lothos

M’Fashnik - Flooded - S6 - Mercenary demons known for performing acts of slaughter and mayhem for the highest bidder. Hired by Jonathan, Warren and Andrew to rob the Sunnydale bank.

Graham Miller - The Initiative - S4 - Friend of Riley, member of the Initiative

The Mok’tagar - Living Conditions - S4 - Demons who can move across dimensions, Kathy, Buffy’s Roommate is one. They are recognized, by others of their kind, by their lack of a soul.

MOO - Gingerbread - S3 - Mothers Opposed to the Occult, group that Joyce Summers leads, that attempt to burn Buffy, Willow and Amy at the stake.

Morloch - I Robot - You Jane - S1 - Demon who gets scanned into the Internet. He becomes Willow’s email boyfriend.

Mr. Gordo - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - Buffy’s stuff pig

Mr. Pointy - Becoming 1 & 2 - S2 - Kendra’s favorite stake which, she gives to Buffy.

Mummy Hand - Life Serial - S6 - Ingredient needed by a customer for a prosperity spell.

Murk - Intervention - S5 - Minion of Glory

My Will Be Done Spell - Something Blue - S4 - Spell Willow casts to try and cure her heartache. She instead causes pain for her friends.

Nerd Herd - Dead Things - S6 - Name Scoobys give to Warren, Jonathan and Andrew

Nether Realm - Who Are You - S4 - Plane entered by Willow to find the ‘real’ Buffy

Nettle Leaf - Normal Again - S6 - Herb Willow uses to nullify the poison of the Glarghk Gulh Kashma’nik. (Real herb used for exorcism, protection, healing and lust.)

Nezzla Demons - Seeing Red - S6 - Demons who guard the Orbs of Nezzla’khan. Only these demons can pass the barrier guarding the orbs.

The Night of St. Vigeous - School Hard - S2 - Night when a vampires’ power and strength is at its peak.

Olaf, the Troll God - Triangle - S5 - Formerly human, Olaf cheated on Anya and he was the first man she sought vengeance on by turning him into a Troll.

Olivia - The Freshman - S4 - Giles new girlfriend, she knew him in his ‘Ripper’ days.

Olvikon - Graduation Day 1 & 2 - S3 - Demon Mayor Wilkins will become at Ascension.

Orbs of Nezzla’khan - Seeing Red - S6 - Pair of orbs, which imbue the holder with power and invulnerability.

Order of Aurelius - Never Kill a Boy on The First Date - S1 - Order of vampires connected with a prophecy regarding the Anointed One.

Order of Taraka - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - A society of assassins for hire, which date back to the time of King Solomon.

Ovu Mobani (Evil Eye) - Dead Man’s Party - S3 - Name of a demon who inhabits a Nigerian Mask who reanimates dead bodies. The mask is in Joyce’s bedroom.

Owen - Never Kill A Boy On The First Date - S1 - Student Buffy tries to date.

Oz - Inca Mummy Girl - S1 - Member of the band, Dingoes Ate My Baby, Willow’s boyfriend and a werewolf.

Pagan - I Robot - You Jane - S1 - Person whose religion is nature based.

Deirdre Page - The Dark Age - S2 - Woman who was in the group with Giles when they raised Eyghon. This was when Giles was known as ‘Ripper’.

Janice Penshaw - All The Way - S6 - Friend of Dawn, lives across the street from the Summers’

Pez Witch - Lover’s Walk - S3 - Oz’s gift to Willow

Oliver Pike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the movie - Buffy’s boyfriend.

The Pit - The Initiative - S4 - Area of the Initiative where experiments are performed on demons.

Polgara - The I in Team - S4 - Demon used in creating Adam.

Poltergeist - I Only Have Eyes For You - S2 - Ghosts who cause mischief and chaos.

Gwendolyn Post - Revelations - S3 - Watcher claimed to have been sent to be Faith’s new Watcher, but she is really after the Glove of Mynhegon.

Power Center - The Wish - S3 - Pendant, which holds Anyanka’s power. Once it is destroyed, she becomes human.

Primals - The Pack - S1 - An offshoot of the Masai tribe who practice animal transpossession.

The Pergamum Codex - Out of Mind, Out of Sight - S1 - Book of Slayer prophecy dealing with the end days.

Proserpexa - Grave - S6 - She-demon whose followers planned to destroy the world by funneling energy through her effigy.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - Bad Girls - S3 - Buffy’s new Watcher

Pull Back the Veil - No Place Like Home - S5 - Trance spell, which allows one to see demonic influences on people.

Quarterstaff - Angel - S1 - Basic weapon in the training of the Slayer.

Queller Demon - Listening to Fear - S5 - Demon called to ‘quell the madmen.’

Rack - Wrecked - S6 - Demon (?) wizard Amy takes Willow to for dark magick

Randall - The Dark Age - S2 - Man who was killed by possession of Eyghon during Giles’ ‘Ripper’ days.

Ethan Rayne - Halloween - S2 - Former friend of Giles. Worships Janus, the god of Chaos. Knew Giles when both lived in London after Giles left Oxford.

Razor - Bargaining 1 & 2 - S6 - Leader of Hellions, the demon motorcycle gang who attack Sunnydale when they are told the Slayer is a robot.

Resurrection Spell - Forever - S5 - Spell to bring someone back from the dead, usually resulting in a zombie like creature.

Revivification Ritual - When She Was Bad - S2 - Ritual the Anointed One tries to use to bring the Master back.

Richard - Older and Far Away - S6 - Co-worker of Xander’s who he brings to Buffy’S21st birthday party.

Ripper - Halloween - S2 - Name Giles used while in lived in London with Ethan, Randall, Thomas, Deirdre and Phillip.

Ritual to Cure A Sick Vampire - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - Ritual Spike finds to cure Drusilla.

Ritual to Transfer Guardianship - Intervention - S5 - Ritual Giles performs in the desert to transfer his guardianship of Buffy to a guide for her quest.

The Rocket Café - Where the Wild Things Are - S4 - Student hangout on campus

Rocket Launcher - Innocence - S2 - Weapon Xander took from the 33rd to destroy the Judge with.

Ira Rosenberg - Passion - S2 - Willow’s father

Shelia Rosenberg - Gingerbread - S3 - Willow’s mother

Willow Rosenberg - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Friend of Xander, and an original member of the Scooby Gang. Hacker extraordinaire.

Rwasundi Demons - Dead Things - S6 - Demons from another dimension which cause localized temporal disturbances when they are in this dimension. Contact with them cause hallucinations.

Shark Demon - Tabula Rasa - S6 - Demon Spike owes kittens to from playing kitten poker.

She-Mantis - Teacher’s Pet - S1 - Giant female praying mantis, who preys on virgin males making them fertilize her eggs before killing them.

Shrouded Sorcerer - Enemies - S3 - Sorcerer who knew Giles before he came to Sunnydale. Giles introduced him to his wife.

Sid - The Puppet Show - S1 - Demon hunter turned marionette by a curse.

Katrina Silber - I Was Made To Love You - S5 - Warren’s real girl friend

The Sisterhood of Jhe - The Zeppo - S3 - Sect of demons who, want to destroy the world.

The Slayer - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - The Chosen one who is destined to kill vampires and other demons with her courage and strength.

Slayer’s Handbook - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - Handbook for Slayers - Giles discarded it when he met Buffy.

Slayfest ’98 - Homecoming - S3 - Contest set up by Mr. Trick in which goal of the contestants to kill the two slayers.

Principal Snyder - The Puppet Show - S1 - Principal of Sunnydale High after Principal Flutie is eaten.

Sophie - Older and Far Away - S6 - Co-worker of Buffy’s who comes to her 21st birthday.

Spell to Solidify a Demon - After Life - S6 - Spell performed by Willow and Tara to give the demon formed by thaumogenesis a solid form so Buffy can fight it.

Spellcasters Anonymous - Older and Far Away - S6 - Group Willow belongs to

Spike a.k.a. William the Bloody - School Hard - S2 - Vampire who takes over from the ‘Annoying One’. He comes to Sunnydale with his lover, Drusilla. Spike has killed two slayers. Angel is said to be Spike’s sire, but in a later episode Drusilla is revealed to be his sire.

Spirit Guides - The Zeppo - S3 - Mystical beings one can consult for guidance.

Stakes - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Traditional weapon of the Slayer.

Stevedore* - Who Are You? - S4 - Term used to describe Giles During Sex. Defined by Merriam Webster as "one who works at or is responsible for loading and unloading ships in ports." They are known for their strength and stamina.

Strength Spell - Two To Go - S6 - Spell Willow casts on herself to make her as strong as a Slayer.

Sumerian/Babylonian Protection Spell - Two To Go - S6 - Spell Anya translates and casts to protect Jonathan and Andrew from Dark Willow.

Buffy Anne Summers - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - The Slayer. She transfers to Sunnydale High after burning down the gym at her old school.

Dawn Summers - Buffy vs. Dracula - S5 - Buffy’s little sister who in reality a mystical entity known as ‘The Key’.

Hank Summers - Nightmares - S1 - Buffy’s absentee father.

Joyce Summers - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Buffy’s Mom who runs the Gallery.

Sunday - The Freshman - S4 - Vampire who steals Buffy’s things and makes it look like Buffy has left school.

Sunnydale Funeral Home - Never Kill a Boy of the First Date - S1 - Funeral home in Sunnydale

Sunnydale High School - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - School attended by Buffy and the Scoobies. Giles is the librarian.

Thomas Sutcliffe - The Dark Age - S2 - Man who was in the group with Giles when they raised Eyghon. This was when Giles was known as ‘Ripper’.

Suvolte Demon - As You Were - S6 - Rare, Lethal demon that breeds very quickly.

Sweet - Once More With Feeling - S6 - Musical episode - Dancing demon who is looking for a wife.

Sword Possessing Demon - Older and Far Away - S6 - Demon Buffy defeats at the cemetery who hides in a sword Buffy takes home with her. He later tries to kill her and the others at her 21st birthday party.

Tabula Rasa - Tabula Rasa - S6 - Spell Willow uses to make Tara and Buffy forget their recent problems. The spell goes wrong and everyone forgets who they are.

Techopagan - I Robot - You Jane - S1 - Pagan who uses the Internet.

Ted - Ted - S2 - Robot who tries to kill Buffy so he can make Joyce his wife.

Teleportation - Two To Go - S6 - Method of moving from one location to another instantaneously.

Thaumogenesis - After Life - S6 - In magic when you perform a spell with asking for a ‘huge gift’, you also get something extra. In After Life the demon Buffy has to fight was created by the spell to bring her back.

Thespia - Goodbye Iowa - S4 - Goddess Willow attempts to contact to locate demonic energy.

The Tiberius Manifesto - Out of Mind, Out of Sight - S1 - Book of Slayer prophesy

Time Loop Spell - Life Serial - S6 - Spell, in Latin, Jonathan uses to place Buffy in a time loop while she works at the Magic Box.

Tinkerbell Light - Out of My Mind - S5 - Spell Tara taught Willow, it forms a small light to see by. Willow improves it making a larger light.

Quentin Travers - Helpless - S3 - Member of the Watcher’s Council who is sent to supervise the Cruciamentum.

The Three - Angel - S1 - Three-warrior vampires sent, by the Master, to kill Buffy. She and Angel defeat them and the Master has Darla stake them.

The Three Sisters - Buffy vs. Dracula - S5 - Three female vampires who are minions of Dracula.

Toth - The Replacement - S5 - Last of Tothric Clan, a demon who uses tools and devices instead of fighting hand to hand.

Toth’s Rod Device - The Replacement - S5 - Device, which separates a person into two entities, one having the stronger, characterizes the other the weaker characterizes.

The Tramp - Real Me - S5 - Giles’ new car, red, two-door convertible BMW

Troll God’s Hammer - Triangle - S5 - Hammer used by Olaf, later used by Buffy to defeat Glory.

Mr. Trick - Faith, Hope and Trick - S3 - Vampire working for Kakistos who later works for he Mayor of Sunnydale.

Uncle Roy - The Zeppo - S3 - Xander’s uncle who loans him his car.

Unveiling Spell - Gingerbread - S3 - Spell in German cast by Giles to show the true form of the Hansel and Gretel Demon.

Urn of Osiris - Bargaining 1 & 2 - S6 - Urn used by Willow in spell to resurrect Buffy.

Vahrall - Doomed - S4 - Demons who want to end the world using a ritual needing the bones of a child, three sacrifices and the Word of Valios

Vampire - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Demons, who survive by draining the blood of its victims, which are usually bitten on the neck.

Veruca - Living Conditions - S4 - Lead singer for the band Shy, also a werewolf

Vincire - Grave - S6 - Spell Giles casts which encases Dark Willow in a force field of green energy holding her.

Vino de Madre - Bargaining 1 & 2 - S6 - Wine of the mother, ingredient needed for spell to resurrect Buffy.

Maggie Walsh - The Freshman - S4 - Professor of Psychology, Leader of the Initiative.

The Watcher - Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - The one who trains and guides the Slayer

The Watcher’s CouncilWelcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Group responsible to training Watchers and finding Slayers.

Watcher’s Retreat - Lover’s Walk - S3 - Retreat for members of the Watcher’s Council

The Watcher’s Special Ops Unit - Consequences - S3 - Team called, by Wesley, to apprehend Faith and take her to England to stand trial.

Werewolf - Phases - S2 - Person who transforms into a wolf during the full moon. Oz is a werewolf.

Whistler - Becoming 1 & 2 - S2 - Demon who helped Angel decide to go to Sunnydale. He later told Buffy how to defeat Acathla

Wig Lady - DoubleMeat Palace - S6 - Old lady who is a customer at DoubleMeat Place, she is also a demon who feeds on Double Meat employees.

Wild Horses - The Prom - S3 - Song Buffy and Angel dance to.

Mayor Richard Wilkins III - Homecoming - S3 - Mayor of Sunnydale who plans to take over the town.

Willy - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - Owner of the local demon bar, Willy’s Bar

Willy’s Place - Goodbye Iowa - S4 - New name of Willy’s Bar

The Word of Valios - Doomed - S4 - Talisman needed by the Vahrall demons for the ritual to end the world.

Sam Zabuto - What’s My Line 1 & 2 - S2 - Kendra’s Watcher

Zombie - Dead Man’s Party - S3 - Reanimated dead body