Why are they called ABH fics anyway?

Alea Jacta Est NC-17
Sandra Pascoe
Sequel to "When in Rome"

Anywhere but Here Series
Laura Smith
This series takes you juuuuuust where you want to go. ;)

Anywhere But Here - Rupert Giles NC-17
You. Giles. Sex.

ashbasedlifeform Giles PG-13
No summary available.

Club: Ripper NC-17
Tori Deathangel
Another fic where you are the one involved with Ripper...and others.

Connected NC-17
It's smut, baby. Do you need more than that?

Corps-a-corps NC-17
Karen Jephson
Part 1 2 3
Corps-a-corps: lit. "body-to-body"; physical contact between the two fencers during a bout

Dreams NC-17
Tori Deathangel
Plot? I don't need no stinkin' plot. It's a short pov.

Double Trouble NC-17
Gail Christison
Giles and his twin brother James are celebrating Halloween and you have been invited. By the end of the evening you've made your choice.

Giles the sorceror R
No summary available.

Inside Her Eyes G
ABH songficlet -- Havenít you ever wished you could sing with Giles?

Perfection In Camelot G
Tori Deathangel
No summary available.

Riposte NC-17
Karen Jephson
Sequel to Corps-a-corps.

A Shark Tale of a Different Kind PG-15
Gail Christison
Part 1 2 3 4
You take Rupert with you on a shark diving expedition.

Sunnydale Replacement
Tori Deathangel
POV with you having sex with Giles. This is the best Idea I ever heard!

Valentine's ABH PG-13
Cheery Valentine's ABH featuring our beloved Watcher and YOU.

Watchers, Slayers and the rest of that crap... PG
Sandra Pascoe
Learning the truth about the man you love.

What The Everlast Saw NC-17
You're a college student pulling flunky detail at a museum. Dr. Giles arrives babysitting a new exhibit & proceeds to drive you bananas. This can only end badly . . . or can it? ;-)

What's Latin for Chocolate? NC-17
Part 1 2
Just lie back and think of 'England'

When in Rome NC-17
Sandra Pascoe
Part 1 2
Giles in a Roman Centurion outfit ..