These challenges are ship specific,
but I will always accept other (Giles) ships should one of these inspire you!
Just please make note of the challenge/challenger within your fic header.

The numbers indicate which ODD Challenge it is.
IE: ODD Challenge #1


#1 - Cheese Man Challenge

The Cheese Man Challenge

#2 - Faith Challenge

The Faith Challenge

#24 - Alternate Passion Challenge

The Alternate Passion Challenge
Submitted by Lil'drusilla

#25 - Night After Ted Challenge

The Night After Ted Challenge Submitted by Lil'drusilla

#26 - Tabula Rasa

(Giles/Anya, Giles/open)

The Tabula Rasa Challenge Winner of "Best Challenge Issued" @ Bodice Ripper Awards.
Submitted by Shelley

#33 - Putting Yourself in the Mix Challenge
(Giles/Buffy OR Giles/You)

The Putting Yourself in the Mix Challenge Submitted by Destiny


#43 - Into the Woods Challenge

Into the Woods Challenge Submitted by Sassycatoo1



And still more challenges...

#51 - The Principal Wood

(Giles/Principal Wood)

Submitted by Shelley


Challenge Links
Here's a couple links to groups and sites with more fic challenges.

Bodice Ripper
Michelle's awsome Giles site that includes her challenges.
"A Buffy/Giles Shipper Community" on LiveJournal
A Giles/ASH group & home of the Monday Mini-Challenge