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A Questing We Will Go
PG (for now) (G/B)
JK Philips
Part 1 2 3 4 5
Where did Dawn learn to fight like that in “Grave?”

ABC Series NC-17 (G/W)
Frau Hunter Ash
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14
Willow Rosenberg disappeared shortly after Wrecked. Two years later Giles sees a redhead in a London pub who looks very much like his beloved Willow...
Includes Slash Unfinished

The Abduction PG (G/Jnny)
This is the missing scene of Ms. Calendar's abduction from the season 2 episode "When She Was Bad."

About last year... NC-17 (G/B)
Gabriele Schulz
It's the night before Buffy's birthday: She makes a step that will change their relationship forever and we find out what really happened at the end of 'Helpless'.

Absent Fathers PG-13 (G/B)
Second Slayer
An AU story of what could have been.

Addiction G (G/W)
Jerri Cocke(Co-Author)
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
How do you deal with an addiction? What is the most
important thing to you, or in this case, Willow? Unfinished

Admissions G (G/W)
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
New found love between old friends

Admissions of Guilt G (G/W)
Part Pro 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14
Sequel to "Admissions"
An old nemesis is back, and is seeking revenge on Giles and Willow. Unfinished

Adrenaline NC-17 (G/B)
I really can't explain it. Let's just say they have a reaction to a close shave.

Adrenaline NC-17 (G/E)
Ripper and Ethan play. Slash

Advantages NC-17 (G/W)
Laura Smith
Giles + Bandcandy= Ripper. Sometimes being 16 has it's advantages.

Adventures at sea 1 NC-17 (G/Stephen Maturin)
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Giles travels back in time & met captain Aubrey & doctor Maturin. Adventures ensue.
BtVS/Master and Commander Crossover. Slash

Afraid R (G/W)
A.M. Glass
Read... and find out.

After 8:30 PG-13 (G/WES/B)
Giles likes fountain pens. Wesley likes Giles. He’s not the only one. Includes Slash

After all, she was the Slayer PG (G/B)
Ficlet: Moments after the credits roll on Helpless...how & why Buffy & Giles managed to work together after the Crucimentium.

After Hours NC-17 (G/Anya)
Giles is hurt, But wont take his medicine to feel better, how will Anya get him to take the pills?

After the Fall PG (G/W)
Willow reflects on the events leading up to "Grave" and her relationship with Giles.

Afterlife G (G/B)
Gabriele Schulz
Buffy finds out something lifechanging, when she takes a glimpse into afterlife.

Aftermath PG-13
(G/B - friendship)
After being rescued from Angelus by Buffy and Xander, Giles bails out of the hospital and goes looking for Buffy.

Aftermath G
(G/B - friendship)
What if the events after Jenny’s death had happened a little differently?

Afternoon Delight NC-17 (G/B)
(a sequel to Captured)
No Summary Available.

The Again Series NC-17 (G/B)
Part 1 2 3 4
Buffy is dreaming of Giles. Wackiness ensues

Against the Wall R (G/B)
This is what Giles finds at the frat house when he Goes to investigate. My version of Where the Wild things are.

Age Ain't Nothin But a Number PG-13 (G/B)
Part 1 2
Giles has always been a significant part of Buffy's life.

Air Lines G (Non-Ship)
A plane journey, an observer, lines left on a seat..

Aisle G (G/B)
Buffy's wedding day

Alea Jacta Est NC-17 (ABH)
Sandra Pascoe
Sequel to "When in Rome"

All Else Confusion... NC-17 (G/W)
Gail Christison
Willow realizes who and what she really wants.

All Hail RediWhip PG-13 (G/B)
Darcy Galvin
Buffy and Giles trapped in a truck full of RediWhip...need we say more?

All I Ask G (G/B)
A short, sweet future-fic. Buffy and Giles reminisce after seeing a musical.

All I Can Ask G (G/B)
Giles has a chat with someone he loves.

All I Have To Do R (G/F)
Suddenly the Scooby meetings just got a lot more interesting… for Faith.
Sequel of sorts to "It's All in How You Play the Game"

All in a Dream NC-17 (G/Dru)
Tori Deathangel
No summary available.

All Mimsy were the Borogoves PG-13 (Non-Ship)
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Giles is lost. - Challenge fic.

All Work and No Play NC-17 (G/B)
Giles is overworked. Buffy wants her man to find the fun again. Let the games begin.

All The Relatives PG-13 (G/B)
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 Ep
Giles has to go to a family reunion, and he takes Buffy with him. Unfinished

All's Fair in Love and Rugby R (G/B)
No summary available.

Allies NC-17 (G/OC)
Head Rush
How difficult can it be to retrieve one potential?

Aloha, Oi NC-17 (G/B)
ASH Watcher/Slayer Watcher
Buffy and Giles in an AU. No vamps, Slayers, etc. Buffy never left Hemery High, her folks never split up. After graduation, Buffy decided to travel around the world. Now she's back in the states...

Alone At Last NC-17 (G/B)
Buffy and Giles hold a...private celebration.

Along the way G (G/B)
Gabriele Schulz
A vignette: Giles watches Buffy sleep.

Always NC-17 (G/B)
Can't you tell from the rating

The Always Series PG-14 (G/B)
Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6
For once Giles runs, and Buffy chases...about damn time!

Always Be With You FRM (G/B)
Buffy loses someone close to her and finds comfort in an unexpected place.

Always On My Mind R (G/E)
Giles can't get Ethan out of his mind. Slash

Always With Me PG-13 (G/B)
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6
After several months, Giles comes back to Sunnydale where he discovers some...little surprise.

Amazons NC-17 (G/E)
Part Pro 1 2 3
Greek gods are discussing… Slash Unfinished

Amores Illuminata NC-17 (G/X)
Part 1 2
No summary available. Set in Season 2. Slash

An American Werewolf in Westbury NC-17 (G/Oz)
Part 1 2 3
There’s a bad, naughty moon rising… Slash

An Aussie Valentine NC-17 (G/B)
Gail Christison
Giles finds out they've been chosen as the next Guardians of the Isgoth stones. They travel to Australia to pass a test and collect the stones...it also happens to be very close to Valentine's Day.

An English Summer PG (G/B)
Sandra Pascoe
Part 1 2
Based on a false spoiler for S7 – that at the end of the series, Buffy & Spike would ride off together.
Warning: Character death

An Englishman Abroad PG-13 (G/Anya)
Travelfic based on spoilers to the end of S6, but with differences.

An Expression Of Love PG (G/Jnny)
This is set during the season 2 episode BBB.

An Honest Man R (G/B)
Part 1 2 3 4
Buffy has trust issues and Giles sets about to help her.

An Innings and Six Wickets G (G/B)
Kerry Blackwell
No summary available.

An Innocent Picnic G (G/B)
Buffy and Giles go on a picnic and things happen...but its rated G so the worst thing she could have them do is shoot Bambi's mother. That doesn't happen of course, I'm just saying...

An Unexpected Turn PG-13
(G/B G/Snyder implied)
Giles and friend have a chat at the bar Implied Slash

Anamneses FRT (G/Olv)
Sometimes, she thinks of him.

Anchor R (Non-Ship)
Kerry Blackwell
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
I started this after seeing "Wrecked" and "Dad". My take on what could have happened next.

And I Blame You G (Non-Ship)
Giles has set mechanisms for dealing with grief and loss. They aren't working this time.

And In The End.... PG-13
(G/B - friendship)
A bit of post-series closure.

And One For All PG-13
Kate R.
Sirius Live through the intervention of his brothers whom Mr. Black made with a dalliance with a Muggle woman.
Harry Potter Spoilers: Book 5

And we love it PG (G/B)
Gabriele Schulz
The Gilesmobile dies an unexpected death, but Buffy and Giles find to each other.

Angel's Fury R (Non-Ship)
Kate R.
Part 1 2
Angel feels...? Unfinished
Includes Slash

Anniversary PG-13 (G/B)
Giles gives Buffy her anniversary present

Anniversary PG-13 (G/B)
Giles needs time to think before he goes to church.

The Anniversary Gift PG-13 (G/B)
Giles has forgotten an anniversary...or has he?

Another Gift NC-17 (G/B)
Set in S5. What Buffy needs, Buffy gets...with a little help from her Watcher.

Another Kind of Man PG
Post-ep. Giles' sympathy. Buffy on the dance floor.

Another Secret Kept G
Drabble written for Ruth aka tweedisgood on LJ.

Anything But Mine FRM (G/B)
Sometime in the future, they come together briefly.

Any-Were But Here NC-17
In response to a challenge a looooong time ago about Giles becoming a were-Tiger.

Anywhere but Here Series
NC-17 (ABH)
Laura Smith
This series takes you juuuuuust where you want to go. ;)

Anywhere But Here - Rupert Giles NC-17 (ABH)
You. Giles. Sex.

Aphrodite's Festival NC-17
The result of a challenge to come up a PWP with the most unlikely Giles pairing

(or Love at 1001st Sight)

PG (G/B)
Part 1 2 3
Buffy learns that things aren't always what they seem. What's she going to do now?

Apples, Oranges, and Pears FRAO (G/X)
Part 1 2
What happened when Xander got thrown out of his house just minutes after he turned eighteen. Slash

April Showers NC-17 (G/?)
Jerri Cocke
Giles has a shower, someone has a Giles.

The Apron NC-17 (G/X)
Giles, an apron, and Xander. Slash

Arcite R (G/B)
Saint Buffy
(Sequel to The Six Inch Rule)
Buffy is left alone when the Watcher's Council sends Giles to England. How will their love survive?

Are you Lonesome Tonight?
PG-13 (G/B)
Giles has been feeling left out lately, Buffy finally notices. It's about time!!

Ars Draconis FRT (Gen)
This link will take you to Antennapedia's series page.

The Ascension Series NC-17 (G/Wes)
Before the Ascension
After the Ascension
Giles and Wesley have sex before & after the Ascension. Slash

ashbasedlifeform Giles PG-13 (ABH)
No summary available.

Aspect of the Demon R (G/B)
What if it were Giles who got the aspect of the Demon?

The Assistant R (G/B)
This link will take you to Sweetdoggie's Series Page Unfinished

Assuming Memory and Mortal Fatigue R (G/E)
This is who he is, and this is how he came to be. Slash

At Arm's Reach G (Non-Ship)
Spike and Giles talk after the events in Lies My Parents Told Me.

At Last NC-17 (G/W)
An invitation to a museum gala gives Willow and Giles the chance to start a relationship.

Atonement NC-17 (G/Angel)
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Angel returns to Sunnydale intent on saving Giles’ life and making amends, but discovers that his good intentions may bring about more suffering than either of them can handle. Slash

Attack of the Ipos NC-17 (G/B)
Part 1 2
Summer between Season 4 & 5. A rogue demon with special powers prompts Buffy/Giles goodness.

Awakening PG-13 (G/B)
When Buffy, Willow, Tara and Anya decide to have a girls night out, something goes really wrong.

Aware G (G/B)
Gabriele Schulz
Buffy confesses her love with a song.

Awfully Fond of You PG-13 (G/B)
Giles bonds with someone...a naked someone. Short and sweet